Voicenav is a project I started on my own. I found a voice API (webSpeechAPI). The project I made is where you could navigate by using your voice. You can select items, play music and navigate, all with the use of your voice. This project is also really helpful for people with limitations.


What technology?

Voicenav is a simple website made with PHP backend, because the items used on the website come from a database. The difficult part of this project was setting up the voice API and getting it to recognize the numbers correlated with the items. The API had trouble with recognizing the numbers two and four. Two was recognized as the words “too” or “to”, and four was recognized as the word “for”. So these recognitions had to be hard coded to make sure they were never wrongfully identified.

#html #css #js #php #webSpeechAPI

What’s the project about?

Voicenav is a web shop where you can buy plants. What makes this site special is the fact that you can navigate with the use of your voice. This voice recognition can be helpful for people who have trouble with navigating a website with keyboard and mouse or touch. I implemented voice recognition because developing a website to work with tabs and enters isn’t enough. It’s a good start but the voice recognition will ensure that it’s more usable and accessible for all users.


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