My second motion project was a Kickstarter, this project was more focused on a real life scenario. We had to pick a real existing Kickstarter and had to make an animation that captured its core concept. You had to think of the Kickstarter as a real client that would be able to use the video you made.


What technology?

The second motion assignment was a lot bigger than the Google doodle. This project had to contain music and preferably a voice over. So the animations needed to be more precise and the music had to be in sync with the animation and the voice over. During the fourth semester we learned more about making effects. An example of these effects is a clock I made that changed into a globe. For animations like these we had to put more thought and technique into it.

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What’s the project about?

I made an animation for a Kickstarter named sense, this is an alarm clock that can see when you wake up. This alarm ensures that you don’t feel bad in the morning and start your day well. I chose this Kickstarter because I liked the design of the project. Just seeing the design gave me ideas already, and I had a good feeling about the concept of the product. Their trailer was a good start, and after looking at it a few times I had a solid flow of how I wanted to handle the project. This is why I chose to go with this Kickstarter for my project.

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