This longread was the second part of my third integration project (third semester). In this project I had to make an interactive one-pager to promote one of the aforementioned sci-fi books series. I chose the book titled Fahrenheit 451. This book gives you another perspective on future technologies.


What technology?

The one pager longread is a very simple website made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The website has some user interactions hidden throughout the page. One of these interactions was a book at the beginning of the website. When you hover your cursor over the image your cursor changes to a pointer, you can burn the book with a mouse click.

#html #css #js #php

What’s the project about?

This project is a one pager to promote the book of the week from the Humo web shop. It’s one book out of a series of ten. The book I chose was Fahrenheit 451, and the story is about another perspective on future technologies. On the longread I told the story out of the main character’s perspective and thoughts. An element I took from the book is what do these characters wear throughout the story? The longread contains an interactive part where you dress the character. The longead also ends with an interactive choice that influences the website.


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