Humo webshop

The Humo project was a part of my third integration project (third semester). For this project I had to make a web shop with products loaded out of a database (PhpMyAdmin). With a cart system and a checkout flow for the user to fill in.


What technology?

The website is made with a backend (PHP) and a database (PhpMyAdmin). The website has progressive enhancement for the filter system and the security on the checkout forms. The database was a little complicated this time, because a product can have multiple colors or versions. In order to make this work I made a table with items that link to a details table. This way I can pull all the details of a certain product and with a URL I can change the product version.

#html #css #php #js #nodejs

What’s the project about?

This project is a web shop made to promote a series of sci-fi books. Every week a new book is added to the series. The shop also contains some products to help with a better reading experience. Products such as mini lamps, bookmarks, ... . You can also buy a Humo subscription to receive their magazines for a selected period of time. The web shop has a promo code that works on the new book of that week only. You can also update the cart (delete items, change the quantity of products), this is with PHP so you have to push the button in order to update the cart.

Humo webshop

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