Google doodle

My first motion project was a Google doodle. We had to pick an animal day and make an animated Google doodle around it. I chose to make an animation around bee day. This project taught me a lot about the possibilities effects, and how to use everything.


What technology?

There is not much to talk about on the technical aspect of this project made in after effects. A wiggle expression was used to animate the bees at the end of the video. I also made frame by frame illustrations for the bee that turns around and throws up a honeypot. Everything else is made with key frames.

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What’s the project about?

I chose to make a Google doodle based around bee day, because there were a lot of elements that came to mind. There were some setbacks, like the bee that moves throughout the doodle. I had to make frame by frame illustrations in some places to give the bee clean turns. I had never done frame by frame illustrations before, but I was happy with the end result I produced. Another problem was the lack of objects that could represent the letter “g”, so I had to get creative with that one. My solution was to make the honey pot spill honey in the shape of the letter “g”

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