Paling trekken was my second integration project (second semester). In this project we had to implement backend to the website. The concept of the website was that we had to take an old hobby and put a modern twist on it with technologies of this time and age to make it relevant again.


What technology?

This project is made with HTML, CSS and JS for front end, and PHP as backend. The events shown on the website are loaded from a database (PhpMyAdmin). The sort function is made with PHP and has progressive enhancement, so it works with JavaScript as well. This way you don’t have to push a button to sort the events. The same goes for the security on the form. It works with PHP but if you type something wrong the error comes after you send the form with JS it pops up straight away.

#html #css #php #js

What’s the project about?

Paling trekken is a website about an old Amsterdam event where people in a boat try to graph an eel from a rope. My spin on this hobby is to modernize it with a drone, and to change the boat to a parkour that’s made with inflatable material. This event is focused on hardworking middle class that likes to blow off steam. The website also has a scoreboard for the more competitive people. This way they can see there can rank and try to reach for the top. You can sign up as a group or individually to compete in the games.


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