Fixer was my first integration project in school. The task was to make a website (non-responsive) with HTML and CSS. The website had to contain five services that the fixer could do. One of these services had to be rated (this didn't have to be stored in a db).


What technology?

The website is made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s a non-responsive website, considering that this was a project in my first semester and that responsive web design was taught in the second year (third semester). The layout is mostly done with flex box and grid. There isn't that much JavaScript, but it’s used in the rating system for the fixers service. The focus of the project was to make a clean website with a good layout and the right elements, without any HTML errors (section, article, h1, h2, ...)

#html #css #js

What’s the project about?

Fixer is about a person/company that offers services around security for the modern family. Some services are a bit extreme but in a fun way. For example there's an anti pedophile candy with a tracker, so you can find your child if it gets taken. The g-force chair airbags are okay but not safe enough so the g-force chair shoots the child out of the car if you hit an object hard enough. So with the fixer you can be at ease because your family is safe.


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