For my bachelor’ thesis I made a project named Durf2030, this project was assigned by a client. The purpose of this project was to build a platform that brings people together and allows them to manage projects in an easy way. This project was made in a group of three people, my role during this project was to do all the front-end development.


What technology?

The platform for Durf2030 was made with React for a good reason. The reason for this was to make sure we can expand to a mobile app in the future as well. With React Native this expansion to mobile will require little recourses. The backend of this project is done with FaunaDB. FaunaDB sends back data with 100% accuracy, which is needed for a platform like this. Leaflet is also used to display projects on a map.

#React #FaunaDB #Leaflet

What’s the project about?

The goal of Durf2030 is to bring people together and to get these people to create a total amount of 2030 cultural projects. These 2030 projects would help them become the cultural capital of Belgium. But to help these people find each other they need a platform where people can get in contact. The platform also needs to give people the option to fund and/or participate in these projects. And all of this needs to happen while maintaining a clear overview of all projects. We accomplished this by creating a phases and role system. There is also an admin side to maintain and approve all projects.


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