Passion project

During the third year in Devine, we have something called a passion project. Each student gets to pick a topic in which we can deepen our knowledge. The topic I chose was “Is it better to implement native modules from the main thread with React Native, or is it better to make a native app?”.


What technology?

During my passion project I made 3 demos over a course of 5 weeks. The first demo I made was on learning how to use native modules. The second demo was on the differences between React Native and a native app. As third and final demo I wanted to see how many differences there are between tensorflow.js in the browser and on mobile. Considering that my apps were made with machine learning I found this a valid additional question.

#Swift #Obj-C #ReactNative

What’s the project about?

The final conclusion of my passion project states that there is close to no difference in running time. But for the browser vs mobile area, there are a few minor differences. These differences will disappear from versions within Tenserflow.js over the coming years. The final question “is it better to use native modules or go native?” depends on your preferences. This depends on whether you want to develop in 1 environment or both. If there is a component that doesn’t exist in React Native then I would try to use native modules. Overall I do prefer to mix as little as possible with other code b

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