The story train

The story train is a project made for my fourth integration (fourth semester). The goal of this website is to give people a vacation experience in these (post) corona times without actually going on a vacation. This integration was the first group project we did.


What technology?

The story train was a group project and a collaboration with another school from the Nederland. This project was also the first project made with the use of a Firebase database, and with the React framework. Working in group was a bit difficult in the beginning because there was no clear role distribution yet. But everything was running smoothly by the end of the first week.

#html #css #react #firebase #nodejs

What’s the project about?

The story train gives you a “virtual” trip to your favorite countries. It’s a five-day-long virtual trip with a story that depends on the choices you make. Some of these virtual choices will result in a real life souvenir that you get after your five-day journey. After the fifth day a package containing these souvenirs will arrive at your door. This way you will remember your journey forever. The stories are based on bundles. So the bigger your bundle, the more stories you get.

The story train

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