Pat-alpaca is the first project I did for a company. This project is made with WordPress and some custom CSS. It’s not an e-comers website. You can see the products but you can’t buy them. There's a contact page where you can get in touch with the owner to buy the products.


What technology?

The website is made with WordPress and utilizes some plugins to help with the logic and layout. For the layout I used the Elementor plugin, this is one of the best plugins for design tools on WordPress. The non-premium version has a lot of options. The form also makes use of a plugin, but a little custom CSS was necessary for the styling. Other plugins are used for cookies and the SEO of the website. The hosting platform provides a few plugins as well, in order to better load the website.

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What’s the project about?

Pat-alpaca makes clothes from the wool of alpaca’s. The company has four alpaca’s themselves, and they buy the rest of the wool from external stores. The wool is hand spun and the products are made with 100% alpaca fur. This ensures that the textures are as soft as they can be. They also sell soap made with little pieces of wool. The soap is made by a German company and is hypoallergenic. Some buyers are depending on the hypoallergenic soap. They can also spin custom wool from almost any animal (sheep, dogs, ...).


for more information do not hesitate to send me an email.

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