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I’m a 24year old student from Belgium who loves coding and trying out new things. My years inDevine have tough me to ask the right questions at the start of each project. Every project I try to think out of the box as well. This way I can find the best solutions to complete any project.

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During the design module of our education we learned to design websites and apps with the user’s experience in mind. We learned to ask the questions (how, what, when and why), these questions are important to create a user friendly ui/ux. Another big focus is learning and understanding where important design principles came from and why they are important. Understanding these will result in better user experiences as well.

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During the first schoolyear you start with the basics. First semester is learning html, css and javascript, second semester is learning to understand and use backend php. After the first year you are capable of developing a fully functioning e-Commerce shop. The second year is focused on making bigger and more complicated projects. A few examples of topics are learning and using nodejs and react.

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The main focus of the research module was understanding a user’s expectations and experiences. We focused on learning methods and techniques to make sure that every step we take in creating a product is to better the experience the user will have with it. Every step needs research, from the wireframes all the way to the color of a button. This research involves actual interviews and contact with people. not just online research.

Expert module development

Before starting your third year in Devine, you need to choose two modules you want to focus on. (design, development and research). You have to choose an expert (main focus) and a minor (secondary focus). Your expert choice wil involve a passion project. I chose for an expert in development and a minor in design. Self study is a big part of the development expert, this helps you to look up and understand new topics on your own. The first five weeks are used to teach new topics like WebGL, unity, ai and ios(swift). After these five weeks you focus all your time on your passion project.

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